Friday, July 13, 2012

a day in San Miguel

every single day i think to myself, "i should blog about this"...because every single day we see, experience, eat something new. i want to remember it all. i want to show the girls when they get big where their first adventures began.  this month we have here (five weeks to be exact)is such a gift. and the simplicity and sweet moments that accumulate to build a day are what is the best part of this whole experience.

a day in san miguel:

wake (justin and i are taking turns getting up with the girls)
   this morning was my turn to sleep in and i was greeted with a latte from la ventana and a fresh bagel made earlier this morning. heaven. 

taxi to la gruta. (hot spring pools) i cannot get enough of this place. we don't visit la gruta daily, but we try and do our big adventure in the morning when the girls are fresh. other adventures are the pool, water park, marcado, tuesday market, trolly ride...
stepping into the main pool     
the doorway leading to the tunnel
the tunnel going to the cavern.
the cavern. a-maz-ing.
there are several hot springs around san miguel but this has the best reputation, and after going a few times we really have no motivation to go anywhere else.

home for naps. 
  justin takes this time to go study at a coffee shop or the biblioteca. 
out around town. 
  we get our fruit and vegetables from the mercado de artesanias. grab yet another coffee. buy a gift for someone and of course, plan out our next meal.
our walk to the jardin.

sometimes our walk takes a very long time.

just an "average" street

hang in the jardin. 
   listen to the music. watch the local teenagers break dance or eat an ice cream. 
in celebration of the anniversary of san miguel being named a historical city.
one of mackenzie's many new friends. what language barrier?
mackenzie is learning lots of great moves!
  on our way to dinner, or home from dinner, sometimes it floods rains, and the streets become rivers. but that's not the hard part, i'm use to the rain. let's be honest. eating out with a 3 year old and a year and half year old can be tough. really tough. no matter how good the food, at this late in our trip justin and i pick restaurants where our kiddos can eat and not bother the other people. 

girls home to bed 
justin and i spend the evening together. watching movies.  reading. justin sometimes goes back out to get something done, or see an art show. we've finished dowton abbey season 2. so good. 

ahhhh. we are about half way done with our time here. mackenzie asked several times today when exactly we'd be returning to the blue house. too soon my love, too soon.


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  2. We LOVED seeing ourselves in these pictures. Not because we love to see ourselves in pictures but to see us in San Miguel........ Loved your blog and the whole day life you are having.
    We miss you so but love you are there. Enjoy dear ones.
    Love you Papa and Nana

  3. Sounds simply blissful. Those hot springs look incredible and you all look so happy. Could your girls be any cuter?! I think not. Miss you.