Tuesday, July 3, 2012

mackenzie's stitch

on our fourth morning here in san miguel i broke the coffee pot. i had just filled it from the container of purified water and was turning around. mackenzie was walking passed me at the same moment. her head met the coffee pot and it shattered. she stood very still in the puddle of water and broken glass, perhaps because i shouted for her not to move. i scooped her up and set her on the couch so i could clean up the mess. she didn't cry, or shout or tell me she was hurt. 
i peeked over at her as i squatted down to clean up the glass. blood was running down her face. i cannot begin to tell you the panic that filled me, and the overwhelming guilt. the cut was deep enough that it didn't hurt her, she wasn't alarmed at her blood, and she didn't mind us bandaging the cut as we hurried out the door to the doctor. 
waiting room.
however, she did mind the large shot she received in the eyelid, and the two nurses, one mommy and one daddy that held her down on the table."daddy when you hugged my brain it really hurt!" she reported later. she also wasn't a fan of the winnie the pooh bandage that the doctor put on. she wanted the simple butterfly bandage that she had before. 
we recovered with chocolate cake with sprinkles.
this was her first big injury, her first stitch, and the worst mommy guilt ever. i am happy to report the doctor was wonderful, although i am not eager to return to her office friday to remove the stitch. mackenzie has not complained once about the pain and hasn't even whined about being sponge bathed or not being able to put her head in the pool. she kissed the little cut on my finger and apologized for breaking the coffee pot. who is this child? praying that this is the last of the injuries while away from home and the last stitch for ms. mackenzie.
still smiling, love this girl.


  1. Oh I miss this girl and her younger counterpart. Mommy guilt. That is the worst. I hope tomorrow goes well when she goes back to the scene of that infamous shot. Miss you all and have been gazing on out shots of the trip. They are so amazing and it is so fun to relive it with you still being there.
    Hug our girls for us and one for you and Justin.
    Love you,