Sunday, June 20, 2010

father's day

happy father's day justin!
it is so special to watch justin and mackenzie interact. it doesn't take much imagination to see their similarities, not just in physical features but in their easy humor and quick smiles. sometimes i just sit back and watch them and my heart melts. what a lucky girl. what a lucky daddy. 

the day he became a daddy

seriously, who holds their newborn like that...oh wait, justin!

nothing quite like it (1 months old)

mexico kisses

justin has fun dressing mackenzie

one of her favorite spots



  1. So fun to see the pictures. Derek questioned the 2nd one asking if it was okay to hold a newborn like that...and then we saw your caption. Haha! Happy Father's Day Just!

  2. he handled her like a sack of taters.... no fear.... great pics... see you soon, uncle jimbeau...