Wednesday, June 30, 2010

where in the world?

so here's the deal. i am always dreamin' up new fantastical places to either visit or even better, to live. there are a few problems with these schemes...most notably that we aren't going anywhere anytime soon. so in order to not feel like i completely have shut up the dreamer in me, i am starting a new series to the quotidian scotts blog. every once in awhile (i can't commit to a certain day or time) i will post a "where in the world" and it will be one of the new places i have dreamed up to live or visit. what do you think? are you in for the ride?

first up: switzerland

when i was in college me and a pal (lydia) went to europe. if my sweet love hadn't been waiting for my return i would have stopped and stayed indefinitely in switzerland. it is beautiful. it is clean. it is breathtaking. 

gimmelwald, switzerland. only accessible by a cable car gondola. population 130. paradise

this is where i would live

and this is what i would eat. everyday. fondue and chocolate. i am in heaven. 


  1. fun!! I'm excited for the trip!! (its super therapeutic to do this :) i did it with dream jobs!! )

  2. i look forward to your blog and pics more than my morning cup o' coffee!!! thanks for taking me to new places and sharing your thoughts and lives... you're awesome jess!!! uncle jimbeau