Thursday, June 24, 2010


i cant find my camera cord. i am the world's worst blogger. somehow i will figure out a way to share camp pics.

anyways, that is not what is on my mind today. what is on my mind is sheets. that's right, bedding. one of the things i decided to take from papa's house when my mom and i went through it was a set of twin sheets. silly i know. but they had memories. there was a guest room at papa's with two twin beds and when i stayed with him, this was my room. in the 90's my grandma did a make-over of it with pastel blues and pinks and the original sheets were long forgotten. but when i saw them sitting in papa's linen closet the pattern was so familiar, so full of memories it made me ache. so i took them. my mom gave me a funny look but didn't say anything. who would want brown sheets from the 70's? me.

when i got home i realized that i was missing a top sheet to one of the sets. i searched the labels hoping to find some markings to do an online search and maybe find a match. i found the designer's signature "vera" on the tag. i searched it and it turns out she is a famous designer with all sorts of really cool linens and prints from the 50's-70's. i still haven't found a match for my sheet set but i did find some other things from vera neumann.

 vera scarf

 pillow. are you digging the 70's hues?


these are the sheets. the top is the match for what i am looking for. so far no luck.


  1. I will look in the closet again. Maybe it will show up for you. I don't think you are silly at all. Miss you and sent your "care package " today. You should get it by Saturday.. YuMMMMM You will like what I put in it and you did get the very late, frozen and delicious easter cookies. You lucky girl. Love you,

  2. so grandparents had a set of the green and a set of the does bring back memories!!