Friday, June 25, 2010


here is a look at our first week of camp...mostly through the eyes of mackenzie

clockwise from top left: camper welcome. mackenzie decked out ready to enjoy the sun. classic "daddy throwing mackenzie in the air" shot. the pool. daddy's first purchase was a sweatband for mackenzie. dressed in her cowgirl boots and dress. family pic for western night. weeeeee!!! the slide is so much fun. digging in the sand.

our first week was awesome. the assignment team goes full tilt, giving 110%. the campers have the best week of their lives. we get to watch from the sidelines cheering. 

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  1. Well I missed you before I saw the pics now I am beside myself with missing you. Mackenzie is so grown up and I miss her so much. Hope to talk to you soon. Feel better sweet Jess.
    Love you ,Mama