Saturday, June 19, 2010

we're here!

so i know there has been a bit of a hiatus to the whole blogging deal, but i am back! my computer was on the fritz and life has been crazy. you know the drill.

anyways, like i said up top, we're here! here is washington family ranch. part of justin's job as area director is to come on an assignment each summer at a young life camp. this summer we return to washington family ranch for three beautiful weeks. washington family ranch has a rich history. check it out here. that along with the fact that i too came here as a camper when it was still called big muddy, and then again when it was wild horse canyon makes it special. it is an amazing feeling to walk with my 18 month old daughter down the main sidewalk of camp, retracing my steps from ten years ago...and oh how life (and god) has changed me!

here are some things that i am looking forward to NOT doing these next 21 days:
  1. listening to voicemail
  2. texting
  3. really anything to do with a phone
  4. cooking my meals
  5. cleaning
  6. driving in traffic
  7. letting ellie out to the bathroom 
  8. watching tv
  9. being in a non-air conditioned house
  10. missing meals with the hubs!
as for mackenzie she has charmed her way into the hearts of all she has come into contact with. she is in social butterfly heaven! check out pics below of my home away from home. (via the internet)

i will be taking some custom photos as we go but i wanted to give you a little snapshot (yes, pun intended) of where we will be.

see you in three weeks!


  1. Now, that's what I call a REAL vacation, away from all the distractions and able to focus on Mackenzie and get refreshed, physically as well as spiritually!!! Looking forward to more pics and news!! Love Always, Grandma Jean

  2. Fantastic Best!! I hope you have an incredible 3 weeks. I will see you when you get back!! Have a great time and hope to catch you on Skype.

  3. Looks like heaven, pal! Rest, relax, and take in this special time with your little fam. What a great break ahead. Did I mention how jealous I am?!

  4. Here is my second attmept at responding to your great email. Beautiful pics!!! Such a great place for you to start your summer R&R. Wish we could have worked it out to be there with you. Sorry Sweetie. I can just see my charming granddaughter winning the hearts with her big grin and sweet sweet ways. She does take after her mother ya know. Will be sending that care package as soon as I can. I love you love you all. MIss you too, Mom and Mike