Friday, July 2, 2010

sawing logs

mackenzie has croup. for the last two nights she has bunked with us. she wakes up coughing and straining to breathe. i don't know who it scares more, her or me. this little clip was taken at nap time today. you can imagine how we are all a little sleep deprived after having this in our ears the last few nights.

the good news is that there are docs here at camp. after going down the list of home remedies they gave us (cold air, cold steam) they hooked us up with the good stuff. hopefully tonight we will all sleep a little sweeter.


  1. I'm sorry Jessica, I know how hard that is! So glad she's on the mend... that can get so scary.

  2. Do you have a humidifier?
    Poor little snoring baby mack
    ssee you soon. Monday night?
    love Mom

  3. Awwww, poor Mack! Thinking about you guys. Loves!