Sunday, July 4, 2010


i am beginning to count down the days until we go home(5). it's not that this camp life is not amazing, it really is, but in the words of dorothy, "there is no place like home". 

 here are some things i am excited for:
  • bbq. it doesn't quite feel like summer without it.
  • drinking coffee in my chair, looking out to my garden.
  • my bed
  • my friends
  • mackenzie having her own room.

some camp life i am taking with me:
  • eating lots of dessert
  • walking everywhere
  • drinking water bottle after water bottle
  • praying for lost kids
  • playing theme songs when i enter a room, i'm thinking "foxy lady" but am up for suggestions. 
isn't that the beauty of a change of pace? it makes you grateful for your everyday life. it is like i got to take a timeout and am now ready to jump back in. well, almost ready. give me 5 days.



  1. Yup, that is what vacations are refocus and appreciate what you have waiting for you at home!!! Now that you mentioned a garden, we will be awaiting pictures in the near future...also of your back yard!! Love you Jes....Grandma Jean

  2. Excited to see you pal! Thanks for keeping us informed of camp life...what fun! Loves!