Sunday, July 11, 2010


if you were returning home after a long absences what is the first thing you'd do? isn't that a great question? i learned a lot about what is important to me within the first 24 hours of returning home. the top of my list? my bed. i could not wait to sleep in my own bed, and it did not disappoint, i slept like a rock. 

today our little fam strolled to farmer's market (i love that i am walking distance) and purchased our weight in fresh berries. we also purchased an air conditioning unit (praise jesus), played in the sprinkler, and justin strung up lights over the patio. our backyard is beginning to resemble my perfect oasis. to top off the homecoming, we ate a delicious dinner of bbq'd pork and fresh salad from my garden. then on a whim justin ran off to the store to by all the fixin's for homemade ice cream. cheers to being home, and enjoying all that we work so hard to create in a home

 justin preparing the ingredients

 ready to add ice and salt and get to cranking

 justin did 98% of the labor..i just enjoyed the view 

my turn

ready to dig in and enjoy. best thing i ever tasted.


  1. YUM!!! We used to buy fresh milk from a gal down the road, would skim off the cream and make ice much that we had leftovers!! Can you imagine...with a house full of kids??? Thanks for your posts, Jessica, even tho' we don't see each other very often, I feel this keeps us close! Glad you had a great time at camp and if really does make you appreciate HOME after being away!! Looking forward to seeing you at Papa Jack's birthday in August!! Enjoy the rest of your Summer, and don't forget to post some pics of your garden!! Love you, Grandma Jean~~

  2. I want some! And I just want to hang out in your backyard, looks amazing and dreamy :)

  3. Looks so good and well worth all the turning I'm sure....we are so happy you are home safe and sound you guys.