Tuesday, July 27, 2010


i don't know if it is the age of our house, the lack of care it had before we bought it, or maybe the huge field behind us...but we have had more than our fair share of pests lately.

it all started with these little rascals:
(spotted five of these guys headed into my garden at dusk one evening)

have you ever seen the movie elf? i was picturing this scene as justin ran TOWARDS the raccoons (of course i ran in the opposite direction).

then one afternoon watering my roses i came across these nasties:
(aphids all over my roses, sick!)

but don't worry i showed these bugs a thing or two...

what will i discover next?

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  1. Having tried all those ways to get rid of aphids on my lupins (with no success) I went for the big guns. WOrked great. Any spray for garden bugs will do the trick. Need to get on it fast or else nomore rose plants period. sorry that is the best answer. As for the pesty racoons I think the idea of a Poster of that movie on the middle of your garden is in order. Or maybe a scarecrow would work. Loved you blog and your writting as always your biggest fan.