Wednesday, July 21, 2010

hot date

my mom is in town. she is watching kenze while justin and i work this week. i know i am a teacher and it is summer so i shouldn't be working. ever heard of a little thing called "summer school"? so we took advantage of nana and went out on a hot date. it was a surprise. i love surprises. 

(cellphone pictures, my apologies)
(first stop, portland art museum)

(checked out r. crumb's comic book illustrated genesis. he did all 50 chapters. it was incredible)

(than we hit up urban farmer in the nines hotel. this was our cheese plate. it was so perfect.)

let me explain for a minute about urban farmer. justin and i had not been for dinner before, although i had hit it up with the girls in the past for dessert and a bachelorette party. we ordered off the happy hour menu. it was cheap. it was good. then on a whim we asked for the cheese cart. a lovely lady explained the twelve different cheeses in great depth, and we chose three. we had a blue cheese, an aged cheddar, and a goat cheese with truffles. yum! 

lovely company, great date, amazing food, perfect night. thanks love.