Monday, July 12, 2010

better than expected

i love to make things. however, many a homemade item has been unraveled, recycled, thrown out, or started over by me. i am my own worst enemy when it comes to creating something. the perfectionist in me sees all the little goof ups and pretty soon that is all i can notice.

justin also loves to create things, so when we work on something together he tends to even out my craziness and we come out with a decent product. i had this great idea of making a patio table out of a door. we have been wanting a larger table for entertaining and i thought a door would be the perfect size, not just any door i might add, a metal door. i love the industrial look. and somehow everything fell right into place today, from the finds to the assembly everything went smooth. this is a DIY project that i am lovin'.

first stop the rebuilding center: metal door 15 dollars. (SCORE!!!!)
 (pastel blue and dirty...eeek)

next up, city liquidators: hair pin legs in vintage teal 30 dollars (plus four additional chairs to match the ones we bought last season)
(i am loving that vintage blue color and the bottoms adjust to uneven surfaces, perfect for our cracked patio)

 (the chairs)

final destination, ace hardware: heat flange (to go where the doorknob was) and screws for about a buck fifty.
 (to fill in the doorknob hole)

the process:

 (remove old hardware)

attach new awesome legs

add crazy harsh non-earth friendly chemicals to remove old paint

scrape(gently)old paint off. we had to go back and spot check

drum roll please.....

taaaa daaaa! 

we added some candles from ikea
justin also is adding a protective coat to the top to keep the metal nice. 
we also are on the search for some sweet 50's tablecloths as the table will sear your skin right off in the heat of the day.


  1. Wow............I love it!!! You both did a great job of creating and finishing it!!! Bet the glow knocks your eyes out when the direct sun hits it! Thanks for sharing.....I'm so enjoying your blogs!! Love to the three of you!! Grandma Jean

  2. Ok. that is rad. nice work making something awesome for not a lot of money! can't wait to have dinner on it soon I hope :)

  3. Really impressive. Try Anthropology sale rack for the table cloth, they have some sweet one's right now!

  4. Jess this is so awesome!!