Tuesday, August 24, 2010

jalapeno in my eye = true love

i made tacos for dinner last night. they were delish. one of my key ingredients was a jalapeno pepper. recently this item has made its way into many of our dishes (salsa, chicken rubs, and now the tacos). i seeded the hot sucker so we didn't scorch our mouths. usually i use a knife to scrape out the seeds, last night i used my hands. mistake number one. on my way over to the sink i wiped my mouth (i have no clue why) and was instantly sorry. my lips and surrounding skin were on fire. i doused it with water, justin was laughing. it still burned. mistake number two.

"honey, quick! google what to do!" i moaned. justin found a sight suggesting to rinse exposed area with milk. i gave my face a milk bath. three times. it felt a little better. pretty soon my hands started to burn. because i am super intelligent i again tried to wash off the jalapeno juice. i tried milk. it lessened the heat but the burning feeling lasted until this morning. as we were readying for bed that evening i started to bring my finger to my eye to remove my contacts. what was i thinking????? 

"justinnnnnn" i whined, "you have to take out my contacts..." he crinkled his nose in disgust. touching someone else's eyeball clearly was not high on his bucket list. i reminded him that i was carrying his child. that always guilts him into compliance. with slow fingers and a scrunched up face he slid each contact from my eye as i held them open for him. now that's what i call true love.


  1. Yikes pal! I can't even imagine how bad that hurt!

  2. True love indeed. Next time, try a fresh lemon. Just rub it all over the burning area. Works like a charm!

  3. That is HILARIOUS! I didn't know that you ran a blog too. SWEET!