Wednesday, August 18, 2010


sometimes you come across a store that makes you go weak in the knees. it has been awhile for me. i have gotten pickier with age i suppose (i know my mom is gasping, "how is that possible..more picky???"). 

i was reading through my daily blogs and was encouraged to check out ruche. i clicked the link and boy am i glad i did! you also might remember that i am pregnant, which translates to shopping just isn't that fun right now. i also hate the idea of spending money on a ton of clothes that i will only wear for a few months and then never want to look at again. so as i perused ruche's site (wiping away the drool every now and then), i stuck with things i won't grow out of or have to pack up in a few months...earrings, bracelets, and of course shoes! the style reminded me a lot of anthropology but about a million dollars cheaper. the fabrics and cuts are bold and the variety is awesome!
here is the link:

here are some things i bought acutally (did i mention justin just left for a backpacking trip...)
 (love these heals by pink studio...they are a 3" so i hope i am not too giantess in them)

 (sadly, these were sold out but i wanted them so bad! they remind me of earrings i had as a little girl, i will be checking back on these babies!)

 (i didn't buy this dress, oh but i wanted to! love the cut, color, fabric...maybe it will be my "congratulations-you-had-a-baby" present to myself)

(yes, i am now the proud owner of these sweet things. they will go with everything. stoked.)

(last but not least, a simple gold cuff...i am a sucker for that pounded metal look)

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