Thursday, August 26, 2010

plan b

last night we wanted to go on a hot date. i like to call all our dates "hot", have you noticed? anyways, we hadn't thought about going out until 5:00 so really it was just a passing whim as we soon found there were no available high school babysitters. i think in reality all we were aiming for was an air conditioned movie theater.
but then i remembered i was craving some yummy food cart food. our portland monthly magazine did a feature of great grub served from a trailer. we threw mack into the car (but not really) and speed away to enjoy a wood oven pizza from pyro pizza. yum.

kenzie liked the food carts too, it too, here's why:


  1. Oh my Gosh that is so cute. She is having a ball and mommy too. Dates don't get much hotter than that or do they???Can't remember.
    Hugs and kisses