Sunday, August 29, 2010

let's put it to a vote...

we are embarking on an adventure. as we put summer to rest and look towards fall, all i can see is a million and one home projects. and of course, all with the finish date before january when baby scott #2 arrives. (quit shaking your head at me, it could happen).

instead of conquering one project at a time, i like to bounce around from one thing to the next making myself a little dizzy. our "to do" list includes; a kitchen face lift, some custom woodwork, pulling together a nursery, decorating our bedroom, and updating kenzie's room. i know, i know...that's a lot. 

but what i need from everyone who happens across this blog is not to judge our craziness...but instead help us with some decision making!!!!!

the first vote (as you can see there will be many) is little mack's new bedding. below you will see two different fabric combinations. would you pretty please vote on your favorite. i will announce the winner as soon as the decision has been made and the order is in. vote! vote!  vote!

fabric option #1

fabric option #2


  1. Number 1 all the way! Can't wait to see all these projects come together:)!

  2. Number 1 is SO you but number 2 is SO me. My first instinct was to vote 2 cause that is what I am personally more attracted too. But I think you are going to pick 1 anyway, so I will help make it easy and vote #1.

  3. Karen, Kalee's momAugust 29, 2010 at 9:05 PM

    #2 .... the birds, trees, letters and birdhouses are great for little ones :)

  4. I like the colors of number one, but the designs of number two... how's that for helpful? Are you OK with the flowers for numero uno if you have a boy? :)

  5. I say number one!!! So cute, could work for a girl and for a boy and it could last a lot longer.

  6. This is for Kenzie's room. NOT the nursery...those will be chosen soon though :)

  7. oh goodness- love them both. but i've got to go number 2. i think it has more longevity.