Monday, April 19, 2010

Garden Love

it was a beautiful day. i can barely walk do to my 11 mile run with miss brit. but running 11 miles in the sun drenched willamette valley is much easier than the rain drenched. i waddled (because i hurt) outside and worked on my garden. justin set up a station for me and i got to work planting my seedlings. of course i underestimated how much planting soil i would need. but perhaps my lapse in judgement was on purpose because i am always looking for reasons to visit the nursery. 

(getting started)

garden projects seriously bring me joy. in order to get this vege garden going we are having a huge section of our backyard disced. the tractor will come and dig up and turn over all the blackberry bush heads, the old stump, weeds, and grass. i am very excited. don't worry, before and after pictures will be posted. the dilemma i am now facing is how much to plant. i know i should start small, but small is boring. the lists of plants keeps growing. i have to take advantage of portland's wonderful growing season and how much space we have. not to mention i have a wee one needing lots of greens and yummy homegrown food. 

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