Wednesday, April 28, 2010


on sunday our pastor talked about how it is silly to say spiritual life. as in there is only one part of your life that is spiritual. we were studying the passage in mark 12 where Jesus explains the most important commandment. loving God. and not just to love Him but to love him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. this message changed my thinking. i love it when that happens, i can almost feel the tracks in my brain being moved and a new thought is there. it is lovely and reassuring to know that we can change like that isn't it? we aren't stuck...
anyways, this passage specifically has changed my running. random right? i never thought about running being an act of worship. i thought it was a way to get my buns in shape...literally. but the idea of loving God with all my life, with all my passions, with all my time, and every facet in between is brilliant. it wasn't that i was intentionally not sharing it with God, more like i didn't think he'd be interested. how ridiculous. he created my body, gave me the gift to run. although...let's be honest, he probably does shake his head at some of my running songs. 
so today i am headed out into the rain, a little jaunt to loosen my mind and body. and as i run i will acknowledge that it is a gift, and i will thank Him.


  1. great thought jess, thanks for sharing.

  2. yes. great thoughts. i have a lot to learn from my wife. sunday night as i drove home from a meeting, i thought i'd swing into DQ for a blizzard (buy one get one for $.25), i called jessica to ask her if she wanted one, she politely said, "no thanks, i'm worshiping God with my body tonight". i drove right through the parking lot and made my way home. i spent the rest of my evening worshiping God with my body too. my point: worshiping god can be hard sometimes, it requires sacrifice...and sometimes saying no to DQ blizzards.


  3. I must say there is something spiritual that happens to me when I run. There is something to be said about pushing your physical limits, you know, the kind where you blast past the line of 0 possibility, of thinking you can't go on a second more, and then you do. You give yourself over to the possible, and as you do Christ steps in and holds you up as you run and you swear it's Him because you know you weren't able to go on two seconds earlier. There is such a correlation for me between faith and running. Believing we can achieve the impossible (or what we think is impossible) and then doing it, with Him. Thank you for reminding me of this. Makes me want to go out on a run right now :)

    Glad you've found even more ways to connect with the One who sets our feet in motion.