Thursday, April 29, 2010

i ♥ second graders

today i laughed. my second graders are really funny. sometimes i forget that i love them, so i am always grateful for days like today that remind me to enjoy my students. we started a new theme in reading called "talent show". all the stories in this theme will be about talents. trying to build some background i asked my students to share with a neighbor what their special talents were. here were some of my favorite answers:
  • i can pop my thumb knuckle
  • i can burp the abc's
  • i ride my scooter until dark (i don't think he understood the question)
  • i can tell jokes and dance
  • i do my homework
  • i can ride my bike up to 1 mile an hour (i had him repeat this just to make sure i heard right)
they seriously crack me up!

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