Saturday, April 24, 2010

Let The Great World Spin

in truth i have read probably six more books since i finished this one. realistically i can't write about each of the books i read, or this is all i would blog about. i am a shameless book geek.
several of my latest reads (the help, olive kitteridge) have had a similar style as let the great world spin, the narrator changes throughout. different characters share part of their story to make a beautiful, layered tale. what i enjoyed most about this novel was the mixture of history and of historical fiction  woven together.  it was based in a very dark time in us history. the story is the retelling of a tightrope walker's travel between the twin towers in 1974, but also about grieving mothers of the vietnam war, watergate, recovering addicts, prostitution. maybe a little of a downer but i highly recommend it. i would love to hear from those who were alive in 1974 and if they recall phillipe petite and his walk across the towers. 
check out this indie film to learn more about phillipe petite and his controversial stunt


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  2. i love that my wife loves books :)