Wednesday, April 21, 2010

not so pretty in pink

my pink bathroom has got to go. a bathroom should feel clean and relaxing. i believe a facelift is in order. unfortunately, ridding ourselves of pink tiles is not high on the "family to-do list" this spring or summer. so between now and...whenever, i will have to make due with collecting ideas and pictures, which my husband will tell you, i am maddeningly good at.

(this is a 1950's kohler add, just to get you thinking in the right time frame. justin and i would like the bathroom to fit with the rest of our all original 1953 home yet be fresh and contemporary.)

(the pink beauty in all its glory, i refuse to show the inside of my shower on the internet.)

(the sink. isn't it perfect?!? it fits with the 50's era but is so clean and hip. this bathroom console is by empire, and is a fraction of the price of pottery barn or restoration hardware's version)

(i want the tile directly behind the sink. this is from ann sacks tile, called luxor gray. it would be lovely for tiling inside the shower. it is modern yes, but also feels nature-ish.)

( this is benjamin moore paint. i love the color, timothy straw. not too green but not to yellow. an excellent companion to the luxor gray!)

(random i know, its a minor table from cb2. i thought it would be a superb bathroom accessory. however, mine is much to small to have extra things lying around.)

so that's it for now. a collection of pictures. i keep telling justin it would take a weekend to chip off all the tiles, but it would take a weekend to do a lot of things around the house. so i will impatiently wait.  


  1. LOVE the gray tiles. Also, did you know you can paint tile as a quick fix? There is special paint for it I think...or maybe not...but I have seen it done on HGTV. Easy peasy, and your pink is gone for a while :). You should just do it while Justin is gone some weekend!

  2. friend!! i didn't know you had a blog, when you followed me I thought you might but it didn't show up for some reason!? Glad I found it!!! Looove these bathroom ideas!! :)