Thursday, April 15, 2010

growing like a weed

in all the chaos of this last week i am a little behind on my posts. one reason i wanted to do a blog was to be able to mark milestones of mackenzie's growth. last tuesday we went to her fifteen month doctor check-up. any guesses on her stats???
drumroll please.....

height: 34 inches (99th percentile)
weight: 24.5 pounds (64th percentile)

(brrr... the doctor's office is so cold!)

(do you see where mackenzie kissed the pavement with her nose? poor baby)

(trying to pass the time waiting for the doctor)

(look at that face! doesn't it make your heart hurt?)

i have to ask for forgiveness because i kinda want to punch the nurse in the chops when she gives kenze shots. talk about mama bear instincts. 

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  1. Such a cutie pie!! Hope you are all doing well. Call you soon.